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  SEGA Genesis Portable Review - Mega Drive Portable

SEGA Mega Drive Portable with 20 Games

SEGA Mega Drive Portable Genesis


Review in German (white version of the console)

The SEGA Mega Drive Portable (Portable Sega Genesis) is a handheld video game console pre-loaded with 20 classic games from SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis. There is no need to buy game cartridges or download sega roms. Mega Drive Portable also has an Audio / Video out connector and with the included cable the player can be connected to any TV. You can play classic SEGA games anytime, anywhere with the new Mega Drive Portable video game player.

Included Built-in Games

- Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
- Alien Storm
- Altered Beast
- Arrow Flash
- Columns III
- Crack Down
- Decap Attack
- Dr. Robotnik´s Mean Bean Machine
- Ecco
- Ecco Jr.
- E-SWAT: Cyber Police City Under Siege
- Flick
- Gain Ground
- Golden Axe
- Jewel Master
- Kid Chameleon
- Ristar
- Sonic and Knuckles
- Shadow Dancer – The Secret of Shinobi
- The Revenge of Shinobi

Plug-n-Play portable video game system with 20 built-in 16-bit SEGA licensed games and Built-in speakers. TV out connection for playing on big screen. Powered by regular 3 x AAA size batteries. Official product, containing games authorized by SEGA


Other games that I would love to see on the next revision of Genesis Portable are: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 USA 1.21 Gunstar Heroes USA 0.63 Shining Force II USA 1.44 Sonic and Knuckles 1.24 Castlevania - Bloodlines USA 0.68 Sonic The Hedgehog 0.37 Phantasy Star - The End of the Millenium USA 2.28 Shining Force USA 1.12 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 0.72 Streets of Rage 2 USA With Multiplayer support. 1.00 Hentai Collection 1 JAP 0.20 Original SEGA rom Streets of Rage 3 USA 1.62  Shinobi 3 - Return of the Ninja Master USA 0.61  Contra - Hard Corps USA 1.31 Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 3 2.44 Comix Zone USA 1.55 X-Men USA 0.72 Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic 2 2.09 Mega Man - The Wily Wars EUR 0.93 Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition USA 1.54 Mortal Kombat 3 USA 3.

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SEGA Roms Emulators

Genesis Plus is a Sega Genesis emulator written by Charles MacDonald. The emulator emulates all sound channels, and has support for six button genesis gamepads, and support for both BIN and SMD format ROM images.

PGen is an Open source Sega Genesis emulator written in C++ programming language for Playstation 2. It uses GENS source code

Segagen is a Sega Genesis emulator for the Sega Dreamcast. It was created by hackers who ripped the software off of Sega's Sega Smash Pack. While being thought of as the most capable Genesis emulator for the Dreamcast, it's use is thought to be illegal in some countries, and is used by burning a disc with downloaded software.

It is much like the Bleem!cast beta in the sense that its use is frowned upon in the Dreamcast emulation scene. Several releases have been made, including the Echelon, Lemec, and Obsidian versions, all using the same core software.

Just like the Sega Smash Pack, this emulator was also critisized on its sound, because of the poor sound emulation.

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GENS is an open source emulator for the Sega Genesis (Sega Megadrive). It runs on Windows systems (using DirectX), on Linux (using Simple DirectMedia Layer) and on Microsoft's Xbox. Development of Gens began in 1999. As of November 2005, the current version (2.12b) advertises full compatibility with "92%" of all Genesis games and is considered to be one of the most compatible Genesis emulators available. As with all emulators, games (in the form of ROM images) are not included and have to be downloaded or obtained separately. Genesis ROMs use the SMD file extention.

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